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District Training Update

Hope you’re all keeping well.
Details of latest District training courses are set out below.
Getting Started
Our first District Getting Started Training Course of the year is taking place on Wednesday 26th October, St Marks running from 7-9.45pm.
This is open to all new Squirrel, Beaver, Cub ,Scout and Explorer Leaders from across the District and to new Members of Group Executive and is designed as an easy introduction to Squirrelling / Scouting.
The course is run in an informal manner, is free of charge and refreshments will be served.
First Response
Our first course will take place on Saturday 19th November at St Marks running from 9.30- 15.30.
Cost will be £10 per head with lunch and refreshments included. Remember having a valid First Response course is a requirement of all our Squirrelling / Scouting appointments.
Anybody wishing to attend either course, please contact me on 02838881617 / 07725325992 or or by pm through the District Facebook Page.
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